How top companies are using technology to make customers’ lives easier

How top companies are using technology to make customers’ lives easier

Innovation, convenience and security are all essential to keep up with the competition

Today’s consumers are trying to do more and more with less and less time. They want the latest technology, but as busy as they are, they’re not prepared to sacrifice security. Top companies have quickly realized this and are striving to make the customer experience as simple and safe as possible, from start to finish.

Is Amazon Key unlocking the future of home delivery?

Amazon has recently announced its new in-home delivery Key service, designed for busy consumers who can’t wait in for deliveries but are concerned about doorstep security. Available to Prime customers in select U.S. cities, the service allows packages to be securely delivered inside customers’ homes without them having to be there. It also enables home access to trusted guests, family and cleaning services. Amazon Key requires the purchase of a ‘smart’ lock for your door, and an Amazon Cloud Cam indoor camera that can record the delivery in progress. Using an encrypted authentication process, delivery drivers are allowed controlled access to the customer’s home via the ‘smart’ lock. The customer will receive notifications of the delivery in real time via Amazon’s app, and can keep an eye on things using the security camera. For added peace of mind, the system is backed up by the Amazon Key Happiness Guarantee.

The new face of security from Apple

The highly-anticipated iPhone X launched in early November 2017, boasting an all-new screen design, faster CPU and wireless charging capabilities. One of the most advanced features is the ability to unlock the phone using your face as your password. Utilizing its TrueDepth camera to project and analyze more than 30,000 invisible dots to create a depth map of your face, the new iPhone’s Face ID feature can be used to unlock your device, and even pay for purchases. It is purportedly more accurate than traditional facial recognition technologies, and more convenient than the iPhone’s previous Touch ID unlocking authentication system. Apple says it’s so secure you can use it with ApplePay to make purchases.

Are you doing all you can to keep things simple, safe and stress-free for your customers? Take some tips from the big guys and make your customer experience as easy as possible. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and think about ways you can innovate to bring convenience to the forefront. But never sacrifice security in the pursuit of customer satisfaction — if they don’t have trust in you or your product, they will look elsewhere.

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